Advance JavaScript


JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to your website (for example: games, responses when buttons are pressed or data entered in forms, dynamic styling, animation). JavaScript ("JS" for short) is a full-fledged dynamic programming language that, when applied to an HTML document, can provide dynamic interactivity on websites. It was invented by Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation.

What I will Learn ?

You will learn Advance JavaScript, DOM Manipulation, Cookies so You can build your own Application.


  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Internet access
  • A little bit knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Core JavaScript
  • Text Editor i.e. Notepad ++, Brackets, VS Code

We are covering in this course?

  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Document
  • Accessing Document Elements
  • Nodes
  • CSS Manipulation
  • Event Handling
  • Event Type
  • Window
  • Form Handling
  • Form Validation
  • Cookies
  • Local Storage
  • Session Storage
  • Exception Handling
  • Strict Mode
  • Navigator

Video Language: Hindi

In this Online Course we will learn JavaScript which is very popular Language Now a days we call it All in One Language because JavaScript is everywhere and we can create Web App, Mobile App, Desktop App.

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