Windows Web Hosting

The availability of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology in Windows hosting solutions provides for dynamic web pages that can help give your website the best possible presentation and performance.  ASP is a powerful and flexible technology that can provide your site users with a range of interactive page options and functionality that surpasses the norm.  When opting for a Windows hosting package equipped with this dynamic programming technology, you will then have the tools needed to gain an edge on the competition.

If I use Windows Hosting, is it necessary my operating system should be Windows?
The answer is NO. The type of hosting you choose has nothing to do with the operating system your PC runs.

Below are some features which provided by WebHosting Companies:

This is where you view detailed reports on how resources provided with your subscription are used.

File Manager
Upload new files and work with current files and directories of your websites.

Web Statistics
View the reports on how your websites are visited. See how many people visited a site and which webpages they viewed.

FTP Access
Set up access to files of your websites over FTP protocol.

DNS Setting
Mangage DNS zone for your Domain names.

Backup Manager
Back Up and restore your domains, including settings and content of websites and mail accounts.

Web Hosting Access
 Change setting of the system user account used for remote access to Panel over SSH or RDP and working with files and folders in File Manager.

Create and remove databases used by your websites and manage them using integrated administrative web application.

Password Protected Directories
Restrict access to selected areas of your website with password protection.

Website Copying
Copy website files to another site or external FTP Storage.

View logs and configure recycling of logs files.

Dedicated IIS Application Pool for your Websites
Set Up a dedicated IIS application pool for serving website associated with the currently selected subscription.

ASP.NET Setting
Configure the setting of ASP.NET framework.

Scheduled Tasks
View and Manage scheduled tasks.

Hotlink Protection
Protect content of your websites from hotlilnking.

Web Users
Set up accounts for users who can host personal web pages on your websites.

Website Maintenance Mode
Switch a site off for maintenance and let the site visitors know that this is done on purpose and the site will be up soon.

Virtual Directories
Create and manage virtual directories for your websites.

ODBC Data Sources
Set up ODBC Data sources.

Note - Above Features list are just an example. May be you will get more features or less features its depend on the hosting provider companies. Some webhosting also provides some software and services.

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