Share Folders between Windows 7 and Vmware OSs


Whenever we work in Vmware, we need to transfer some data from Windows (Host Computer) to Other OS which installed in Vmware. In this tutorial I will share with you how easy it is to share files or folder between Host Computer and VMware. If you have some basic knowledge about sharing file or folder between LANs then it will be more easiest for you. If you do not know don't worry your all concept will be clear which are require for this work.
Before starting tutorial lets see what we are covering in this tutorial.
  • How to Create Admin Password in Windows 7
  • How to enable share option in Vmware
  • How to share file/folder between windows 7 (host computer) and Kali Linux (VMware)
  • How to copy paste from windows 7 (Host Computer) to kali linux (Vmware)
1. First of all create password for your windows 7 operating system. Without creating Password you can not share. So Let's Create Password Go to Control Panel → User Accounts
Select Your Administrator account then Click on 'Create a password for your account'
(Click image for large view)

2. Write Password and click on Create Password  

3. You will notice that your administrator account is now password protect.

4. Right Click on the Folder which one you want to share with Vmware then click on Properties 

5. Select Sharing Tab then Click on Advance Sharing

6. Check Share this folder Box then click on Permissions

7. Check all Boxes then Click OK

8. Click OK

9. You will notice Now you have a Network path. Click Close

10. Now, Open Your VMware. Select your OS then go to VM → Settings..

11. Go to Option Tab. Select Shared Folders then Select Always enabled afterthat click Add

12. Click Next

13. Here we are going to select a particular folder which we had shared in our windows 7 OS. Click Browse..

14. Select Folder which one we shared in windows 7 then click OK

15. Now you have a Host Path as well Name. Click Next

16. Click Finish

17. You will notice your windows host path and name. Click OK

18. Now, Turn ON Your VMware OS (Here my OS is Kali Linux). Right Click on Computer then Click Open

19. Go → Network

20. After sometime You will see your windows 7 PC username appears in your VMware Kali Linux Network.

21. Right Click on Your Windows 7 PC username then Click Open

22. Write your windows 7 username and password and Click on Connect.

23. If everything is cool then soon you will able to see your Windows 7's all Drive as well shared Folder. Here I shared 'New Folder'

24. Now time to mount your shared folder. Right Click on 'New Folder' then Click 'Open with Files'

25. Write your windows 7 username and password and Click on Connect. 

26. Here is your all New Folder's Data. Now your are read to copy and paste.

27. You will also notice that a folder named as your shared folder appears in your kali linux desktop.
(Click image for large view)

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