Open Hidden Files/Folders in a USB Pen Drive


Update : If your Pen Drive is infected with any of the following viruses:
* Autorun.inf
* new folder.exe
* Iexplorer.vbs
* Bha.vbs
* nfo.exe
* New_Folder.exe
* ravmon.exe
* RVHost.exe or any other files with extension.
You can solve all above virus problem through using below methods.

A Virus Attacked in Your PenDrive and you are wondering about your Pendrive Data with a big trolled face. You are able to see used space of your pendrive is as per expectation but there are no data. It may be hidden so think twice before formating your PenDrive. Sometimes hidden files are not displayed even if you "Show hidden files and folders" in the Folders Options.You will need some basic Command Prompt skills.
There are Many Methods to solve this problem. No, I am not going to discuss with you each methods but i will discuss my Top three solution :

Method I
1. Most Easiest Method in this world to solve this problem - You must be a Linux User. If you are a linux user just insert your Pendrive and Browse your Data. Let me tell you how can you save your data ( I don't think there is need any screenshot for this method):
  • First of all Copy and Paste Your Data in your linux OS. (Better to Copy each files, Not folders)
  • Format Your Pendrive 
  • Copy and Paste Data from Linux OS to Pendrive.
Method II
1. First of all Insert your Pendrive in your Windows PC. Open My Computer and note your Pendrive letter. Here My Drive's letter is I.
(Click image for large view)

2. Start Run by Pressing Windows + R from keyboard. Then Write cmd and Press Enter or Click OK.

3. So Your command prompt has started. Now change your local drive to Pendrive location.
Syntax- C:\Users\R> 'Your Pendrive letter' : (Press Enter)
Ex - C:\Users\R>I: (Press Enter)

4. Now, Type cd and Press Enter. Afterthat Press Tab Button continuously. Soon you will notice that your hidden file and folder's name are appearing there. Just note your file or folder name which was unable to view directly from My computer. 
Here 'boot' is my folder which was infected by virus.
Syntax - I:\>cd      (Press Enter)

5. Now, Its time to unhide (make visible) your hidden folder. Here I am unhiding boot folder.
Syntax -I:\> attrib 'hidden folder name' -h    (Press Enter)
Ex - I:\>attrib boot -h           (Press Enter)
The Question is Remain, What will be happen if our subfolder is hidden. ? View Next Step

6. As we have unhided our folder (my folder name boot) So now time to unhide subfolder. Process is same just like above. First of all enter your directory where you need to unhide your remain data. Type cd and hit enter then Press Tab button continuously soon you will notice your hidden file/folders name. just note it. Here we noted 'fonts' names folder. below are all syntax -
A. Syntax - I:\>cd 'folder name'      (Press Enter)
    Ex - I:\>cd boot
B. Syntax - I:\boot>cd        (Press Enter)

7. At run the attrib command to make visible your hidden subfolder.
Syntax - I:\boot>attrib 'Folder name' -h      (Press Enter)
Ex - I:\boot>attrib fonts -h      (Press Enter)

Oh My God ! Method II is very much boring and difficult isn't it ? Try our Next easier method.

Method III
1. First of all Insert your Pendrive in your Windows PC. Open My Computer and note your Pendrive letter. Here My Drive's letter is I.

2. Start Run by Pressing Windows + R from keyboard. Then Write cmd and Press Enter or Click OK.

3. Simply run this command.
Syntax - C:\Users\R>attrib -h -r -s /s /d 'Your Pendrive Letter':\*.*
Ex - C:\Users\R>attrib -h -r -s /s /d I:\*.*
Here I is my Pendrive Letter
(Click image for large view)

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