Advance Introduction About Blogger Part 2


As we have already discussed about some topic for the beginners on Advance Introduction About Blogger Part 1. So, Now we are going to discuss Part 2. Really basic things are required to create a professional blog for your own business or for Personal use. Let's Start...
1. This is Layout window.
In this window:
  • Change Your Blog's Favicon
  • Add new Gadget to your blog
  • Customize your blog post
(Click image for large view)

2. This is Template window.
In This Window:
  • You can customize your Template
  • You can Edit your Template's HTML 
  • You can Enable/Disable Mobile View for your blog
  • You can change your blog Template 
  • You can create Backup/Restore for blog

3. This is Setting Basic Window.
In this window:
  • You can change your blog title 
  • You can write description about your blog
  • You can convert your blogspot into a Top Level Domain
  • You can Enable/Disable google search engine feature
  • You can choose your blog readers
  • You can make new Admin/Authors for your blog  
4. This is Setting  Posts and Comments windows.
In this window:
  • You can setup how many post you want to show in your home page
  • You can choose who can comment in your blog

5. This is Setting  Mobile and Email window.
  • Add mobile device, if you want to post articles from mobile.
  • Post articles through Email

6. This is Setting  Language and Formatting window:
In this window:
  • You can select Language
  • You can Enable/Disable transliteration
  • You can change your blog's Time Zone
  • You can change your blog's Time and Date Format

7. This is Setting  Search Preferences window.
In this window:
  • You can Enable/Disable Meta tags
8. This is Setting  Others window.
In this window:
  • You can Import blog
  • You can Export blog
  • You can Delete blog
(Click image for large view)

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