Platform Independent - You can develop the Java program on any computer system and the execution of that program is possible on any other computer system loaded with JVM. For example, you can write and compile the Java program on Windows 98 and execute the compiled program on JVM of the Macintosh operating system.

      Object Oriented - Java is a true object-oriented language, which provides a platform to develop an effective and efficient application and program real life complexities. Most of the Object-oriented concepts in Java are inherited from C++ which makes it easy for traditional programmers to understand it.

      Easy to Learn - Java is easy to learn for programmers because it is (syntax) similar to C and C++ and most of the complex parts of C/C++ have been excluded including operator overloading, multiple inheritance and pointers. The important addition in Java is automatic memory allocation and de-allocation.

      Robust - Java programmers need not remember to de-allocate memory in programs since there is a garbage collection mechanism which handles de-allocation of memory. It provides powerful a robust exception handling mechanism to deal with both expected and unexpected errors at run time.

      Secure - Java is intended to work in networked and distributed environments by providing security. All the references to memory are symbolic references, meaning that the user is not aware where in the memory program is present.

      Multi-threaded - The ability of an individual program to do more than one thing at the same time is most efficiently implemented through threads. A web browser, for instance, can print a file in the background while it downloads a page in one window and formats the page as it downloads.

      Dynamic - If you are compiling a file that depends on other non-compiled files, then the compiler will try to find and compile them also.

      High Performance -  Java is a fast-interpreted language. Java offers two flavors of programming, Java applets and Java application. Applets are small Java programs (mostly) that can be downloaded over a computer network and run from a web page by using a Java enabled browser like Netscape / Microsoft Internet Explorer. Applets used to add dynamic features like animation, sound etc. to web pages.

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