/* This is my First Java Application Program.
 Geekyshows is awesome that’s why I will subscribe Geeky Shows Youtube Channel */

class Geekyshows
    public static void main (String args[])

/* This is my First Java Application Program. Geekyshows is awesome that’s why I will subscribe Geeky Shows Youtube Channel */
This is useful for developing the understandability in your program. Everything between /* and */ is ignored by the compiler.

class Geekyshows
Defines a class named Geekyshows using a keyword class.

public static void main (String args[ ] )
This is the point from where the program will start the execution. This program starts the execution by calling main ( ) method.
      public - public keyword is used to control the access of various class members. If member is public it can be accessed outside the class. So we have to declare main ( ) as public because it has to be invoked by the code outside the class when program is executed.
      static - Static key word allows the main ( ) method to be executed without creating an object of that class.
      void - void means main ( ) method does not return any value. 
      String – It is a predefined class.
      args [ ] – It is a variable of String class
Note – Variable name can be different.

System.out.println(“Hello Geekyshows”);
      System – It is a predefined class in java.lang package.
      out – It is object of PrintStream class.
      println – It is a method which is defined in PrintStream class.
      Hello Geekyshows – Its message.

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