Windows 10 Pro is shouting all over the world now a days. If you also want to shout by downloading windows 10 Pro then you are at right place. Below article will show you "How to Download ISO file of Windows 10 Pro"

1. Download The official Windows 10 Pro Downloader according to your current Operating System.

2. Right Click on download file then open Tool

3. In this Windows You have option to choose Either Upgrade this PC now or Create Installation Media for another PC. If you want to upgrade your own PC then you can choose "Upgrade this PC now" (by choosing this you can upgrade your OS but can't download the ISO file). After choosing your prefer option click on Next

4. Select desired Language, Edition (Pro or Home) and Architecture (32 bit or 64 bit or both) then click Next

5. In this windows you have option to choose either USB flash drive or ISO file. If you want to create a bootable USB Pendrive then you can choose "USB flash drive." I recommend choose ISO file because after downloading the ISO file you can create bootable pendrive. After choosing your prefer option click Next

6. Now choose your destination drive/folder where you want to save your ISO file then Click Save

7. The Download has started. It will take time depend on your internet speed.

8. Click Finish

Important Links:

Click below for Video tutorial

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