A Compiler is used to translate a C program into object program using which an executable program (.EXE) will be generated by linking the input (keyboard) and output(Monitor) devices. The .EXE file will be run to get the result. Different C compilers are used in DOS and UNIX environments. We know that an editor is used to type and save a program in disk. In DOS environment C compiler with the TURBO editor is commonly available. In UNIX operating system a built-in editor Vi is commonly used.

                        All the UNIX systems have a C compiler called cc. It is a command line compiler and is used to generate the executable file.

We will use Code Block for this Tutorial series. This is an alternate option of Turbo C.

How to install Code Blocks

1. Open your Web Browser and search for Code Blocks in Google then open official website of Code Blocks

2. After opening official click on download tab then click on download the binary release

3. Scroll down and click on sourceforge download link (2nd link)

4. Wait for a while your download will be start automatically

5.  As I am using Internet Download Manager so this is a dialogue box of IDM for downloading the file. (if you do not use any download manager then your browser will use the default downloader)

6. Find out your downloaded file and right click on the code blocks setup file then open it

7. Click Next

8. Click I Agree

9. Click Next

10. Click Install

11. Installation on process

12. If you want to run code blocks now click on yes or if you do not wish to run now then click no

13. If you choose Yes then Code Blocks will be open

14. Code Blocks

15. Click Next

16. Click Finish
(Click image for large view)

Watch Video Tutorial Click Below

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