What is WPS ?
Wi-Fi Protected Setup is known as WPS. It is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. Security researcher Stefan Viehböck said, the WPS PIN is highly vulnerable to brute force attacks. The eight-digit PIN is stored by routers in two blocks of four digits each. The router checks the first four digits separately from the last four digits. A hacker can brute-force the first block of four digits and move on to the second block. A smart hacker with the right tools can brute-force the pin within a day.In this tutorial we will learn how to crack wifi WPS PIN and Wifi Password what’s more we will learn how can we crack our same target wifi again and again using WPS PIN within Seconds.

Note - Only for Education Purpose

  • Kali Linux OS
  • External Wifi
  • Target Wifi Router
Note - If you are using Kali Linux in Virtual Machine then you need external wifi but if you are using Kali linux with dual boot or as a host OS then your internal wifi will work fine.

1. Open Terminal
(Click image for large view)

2. Write airmon-ng and Press Enter. You will see your Wifi Interface, Chipset and Driver.

3. Write airmon-ng start wlan0 and Press Enter
          Where wlan0 is my interface. It can be different in your System so write it as per your own Interface.

4. Write wash –i mon0 --ignore-fcs and Press enter. You will see your Target Wifi’s BSSID, Channel, WPS Locked Status and ESSID. Press Ctrl + C to stop this scan.

5.   Write reaver –i mon0 –b E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 –d 40 –S –N –vv and Press Enter
              Where E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 is my target wifi BSSID (write your own target’s BSSID) , 40 is delay for trying per Pin, You can increase or decrease this timer. If you want to know about other terms like –S –N then write reaver and Press Enter in a new terminal.
After running above command (actually reaver is a tool) you will see “Associated with E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 (ESSID: geekyshows.com)”. It is a positive sign of cracking process. Sometime you will see “Failed to associate with E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 (ESSID: geekyshows.com)” which means Your target wifi has no network access right now but it doesn’t mean you can’t crack his wifi. You will have to try after sometime.
Now at the end you will see that you have successfully cracked your target wifi’s WPS PIN and Password.

Note - It takes time to crack but it will provide you positive result. You will have to wait at least 24 hours or less.

6. Now we have our target’s wifi WPS PIN so it doesn’t matter if your target recognizes that someone using his internet and how frequently your target changes wifi password. Just because we have target’s WPS PIN we can crack his wifi password again and again till he doesn’t change his WPS PIN.

7. Now Our target is changing his wifi password his old wifi password was kalilinux which we have cracked previously but now he is changing his password with a new password rajhere192. So let’s see how we will crack his new password once again by using WPS PIN within 5 second.

8. Write reaver –i mon0 –b E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 –p 01140200 –vv and Press Enter
           Where E8:94:F6:01:0C:60 is Target’s BSSID and 01140200 is WPS PIN.
You do not need to wait 24 hours this time because we have attacked him with particular WPS PIN So, Now within 5 Second you will crack his new password.
 (Click image for large view)

Now our Tutorials are available on Youtube. Click Below

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  1. you know why my router is no showing bellow the Wifi Interface, Chipset and Driver ?
    I tryed on Kali and Backtrack too

    1. Because You are using Kali Linux in VMware (Virtual Machine) with Internal Wifi Adapter.

  2. not working as i tried to crack my own wifi

    received timeout accured


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