1. Uber
Uber is the hot personal taxi app that is now available in over 40 countries. The app allows you to hail a private cab at up to half off the price of a normal black cab fare. Google invested almost $300 million in Uber earlier this year and if this app does well on Windows Phone it's likely we’ll see other Google apps on the third-place mobile platform sooner rather than later.

2. Wikipedia WP8
Wikipedia WP8 gives you full access to Wikipedia’s 20 million articles in 280 languages in a beautifully formatted UI right on your Windows Phone. The app allows you to save articles to read later or offline, search articles nearby and share them with friends.

3. Tube Map
Tube Map allows you to view the complete tube map on your Windows Phone. Simply touch any tube station to get detailed information about train times and routes and view the live departure and arrivals board to plan your journey ahead of time.

4. Tube Pro
The app makes navigating YouTube on your Windows Phone a breeze. You can of course search for videos or browse categories, favorites, and subscriptions. However the killer feature of this app is the ability to download YouTube videos right to your Windows Phone for offline viewing.

5. Evernote
Evernote tracks your ideas and reminders in the form of notes, snapshots, audio recordings and Web searches. The app then takes all these personal clips and combines them into a comprehensive notebook so you can easily access them later.

6. Facebook
the Facebook app lets you send status updates to the popular networking site, plus read your news feed, view messages and check your calendar for upcoming events. Windows Phone gives the app a sleek, sliding interface for viewing the most-recent updates, photos, events and notifications, all from the app's main screen.

7. Skype
Skype for Windows Phone is an impressive, feature-packed app — and not just for video calls. If you're short on cellular minutes, use Skype to make voice calls over Wi-Fi or 3G, or simply send a text message through the Skype instant message interface.

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