Burp Decoder is a simple tool for transforming encoded data into its canonical form, or for transforming raw data into various encoded and hashed forms. It is capable of intelligently recognizing several encoding formats using heuristic techniques.

You can load data into Decoder in two ways:
  • Type or paste it directly into the top editor panel.
  • Select data anywhere within Burp, and choose "Send to Decoder" from the context menu.
You can use the "Text" and "Hex" buttons to toggle the type of editor to use on your data.

Smart Decoding
 On any panel within Decoder, you can click the "Smart Decode" button. Burp will then attempt to intelligently decode the contents of that panel by looking for data that appears to be encoded in recognizable formats such as URL-encoding or HTML-encoding. This action is performed recursively, continuing until no further recognizable data formats are detected. This option can be a useful first step when you have identified some opaque data, and want to take a quick look to see if it can be easily decoded into a more recognizable form. The  decoding that is applied to each part of the data is indicated using the usual colorization.
 Because Burp Decoder makes a "best guess" attempt to recognize some common encoding formats, it will sometimes make mistakes. When this occurs, you can easily see all of the stages involved in the decoding, and the transformation that was applied at each position. You can then manually fix any incorrect transformations using the manual controls, and continue the decoding manually or smartly from this point.
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Source : Burp Suite Official Site

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