If you are working hard in your blog you deserve some positive result from your blog. Google adsense gives you an opportunity to earn money with your blog. You just need to apply application for your google adsense approval.
Before going, let me tell you,Your blog must comply with all Google Adsense Program policy in order to get approved by adsense team.

 1. Login to your Blogger Account , Choose your Blog , which you would like to apply for adsense from the list( if you own more than one)  in the dashboard .

2. Click on Earnings

3. Click on Sign up for Adsense
(Click on image for large view)

4. Click on Yes, Proceed to google account sign in

5. Write your Password and Click on Sign in

6. Click on Continue

7. Select your county and Fill up your Personal Details. Payee Name should be according to your bank details and be careful while writing your street address you must need to write your house no. or street no. as well write an active mobile no. then Click on Submit my application

8. Click on Continue and Your are Done.
(Click on image for large view)
9. You will receive an email with 2 -7 days from Google Adsense regrading your google adsense approval. If everything fine in your blog your adsense will be approve and google will approach you the next step of approval. 

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  1. how you can apply adsense because your blog contains hacking related stuffs and google adsense disapproves the hacking stuff ????

    1. Hi, Hacking is not crime in this world. The Crime is 'the activity you do with it'. If you are harming anyone woth your activities of course you will be find out yourself in prison. This Blog never stands for any hacking activities. This blog provides information about penetration and security loopholes as well the way of protecting them. If you are calling this website as Hacking stuff website then what you will call INDIAN CYBER ARMY, INFO SEC and Offensive security etc... these are most famous institutes and teach us about IT security now its up to you how do u use your knowledge. Thanks for visiting Geeky Shows


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