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Anti-Virus manufacturers nowadays implements more and more complex functions and algorithms in order to detect the latest and newest viruses along with their variants. There is however simple methods that can be used to by-pass most of these, especially those that doesn’t use heuristics and similar techniques at all.
Anti-Virus manufacturers has evolved a lot during the last decade, starting with simple signature-based scanners and thereafter slowly implementing more and more advanced heuristics. Most of these are able to scan files stored on the harddisk, but also opcodes in the memory. Opcodes are in short, Assembly commands which are the lowest level of instructions given to the CPU by any application running. A program is usually developed in a higher level language such as C or C++, where opcodes are usually not directly involved. The compiler on the other hand, translates the high-level code into these opcodes based on the Architecture used and so forth.

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