eLearnSecurity has proven to be a leading innovator in the field of practical security training. Best of breed virtualization technology, in-house projects such as Coliseum Web Application Security Framework and Hera Network Security Lab, has changed the way students learn and practice new skills.

eLearnSecurity provides the eCPPT (eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester) a certification that is trusted by companies worldwide. eLearnSecurity's practical approach promotes certifications that prove a students' ability at performing real world tasks.

eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester (eCPPT)
eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester (eCPPT) is an Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Professional certification offered by eLearnSecurity. The eCPPT exam requires the student to carry out a real penetration test against a target and to build a penetration testing report. The eCPPT is part of a growing trend of Professional certifications requiring practical portions demonstrating competency in performing the tested duties.
The course is divided into three main knowledge domains covered by flash slides and video training:

Web Application Security
  • Introduction
  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • XSS
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Advanced Web Attacks
Network Security
  • Information Gathering
  • Scanning and Target Detection
  • Enumeration
  • Sniffing and MITM Attacks
  • VA & Exploitation
  • Anonymity
System Security
  • Cryptography and Password Cracking
  • Buffer Overflows
  • Shellcoding
  • Malware Introduction
  • Rootkit Coding
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