When we install Backtrack or Kali Linux in dual boot mode. Seriously we face a big problem while connecting our 3G USB Modem or Dongle. In this Article I will show you a proper solution for this issue with great Hope that it will work fine in your system as it done in my own system.

(Sorry Could not provide you Screenshot for this tutorial but i will update this tutorial again with screenshot soon)
  1. First of all download this apps Click Here
  2. Unzip file then Copy and paste the downloaded file in your Backtrack OS desktop.
  3. Open Terminal 
  4. Type chmod +x 3gusbmodem (Press enter)
  5. Type ./3gusbmodem –interactive (Press Enter)
  6. Select Connect with 3G (Click Ok)
  7. Wait till next process it will take some second/minute.
  8. Select Option Kernel Module (Click OK)
  9. Select Your Network APN e.g. for Tata docomo select tata.docomo.internet (Click Ok)
  10. Type anything as a user name e.g. Geeky (Click OK) 
  11. Type anything as a password e.g. Shows  (Click OK)
  12. Click OK 
  13. Now You successfully connected. Enjoy.
Download Link : 3gusbmodem

Kindly Report if download link broken. I will upload it again. Comment or Mail

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