Intro - This tool is enumerating information about a company's employees. It is useful for Social Engineering or Email Phishing.

1. How to open
A. GUI Method

Application →Kali Linux → Information gathering → OSINT Analysis → jigsaw
                                                   (click on image for large view)

B. open terminal type jigsaw –h this command will open jigsaw with help option

2. –s – This command is use to search company name.  
Syntax – jigsaw –s company name
Ex – jigsaw –s facebook
As result we got Jigsaw ID and number of employees

3. –i – This command is used to show details of jigsaw ID.
Syntax – jigsaw –i Jigsaw ID
Ex – jigsaw –i 2009304
After running this command we got domain with separate number for crafting emails now we just need to put the number which domain we want to craft. Here he have written 4.

Details of records we can see emails id, post, name etc

4. –r – This command is used to save an output file.
Syntax – jigsaw –i jigsaw ID –r filename
Ex – jigsaw –i 2009304 –r name
Output file will save as .csv format.

5. Here you can see your saved file. My saved file name is name.csv

6. Through cat which is a text viewer, you can see your saved file by using this command
Ex – cat name.csv
(click on image for large view)

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  1. why when I open the terminal with the emergence of the jigsaw in "sh: 1: jigsaw: not found"
    and how to solve it? thank you

  2. jigsaw was removed from Kali. The commit message says it "does not and can not work any more" - I don't know why that is. From kali's git repo:

    1 jigsaw (1.5.3-1kali2) kali; urgency=low
    3 * Creating empty package as tool does not and can not work anymore.
    4 (Closes: 0000986)
    6 -- Devon Kearns Fri, 07 Feb 2014 12:49:41 -0700


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