Intro - fping is a ping like program which uses ICMP protocol to determine if a host is up. fping is different from ping in that you can specify any number of hosts on the command line, or specify a file containing the lists of hosts to ping. Instead of trying one host until it timeouts or replies, fping will send out a ping packet and move on to the next host in a round-robin fashion. If a host replies, it is noted and removed from the list of hosts to check. If a host does not respond within a certain time limit and/or retry limit it will be considered unreachable.

1. How to open fping
 A. GUI Method
Application →Kali Linux → Information gathering → Live Host Identification → fping
                                                                            (click on image for large view)

B. open Terminal type fping –h and hit enter this command opens fping with help

2. This command used to find target is alive or not
Syntax – fping –a domain/ip
Ex- fping –a google.com
Ex – fping –a

3. This command is used to find target by address
Syntax – fping –A domain/IP
Ex – fping –A google.com
Ex – fping –A

4. This command is used to show elapsed time on return packets.
Syntax – fping –e domain/IP
Ex – fping –e google.com
Ex – fping –e

5. This command is used to Count of ping to send to each target. Here we are using –c 3 to send 3 ICMP request.
Syntax – fping –c no. domain/IP
Ex – fping –c 3 google.com
Ex – fping –c 3

6. When Target is unreachable or dead.

7. This command is used to generate target list. you need to provide a range of IP and this command will show you which IPs are alive or which are unreachable.
Syntax - fping -g IP address
Ex - fping -g
Ex - fping -g


8. This command is used to save output file in text format.
Syntax - fping -g IP Address > filename.txt
Ex - fping -g > fpingfile.txt

9. Our saved Output file. 
Go to Computer Home → fpingfile.txt
(click on image for large view)

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  2. How to save all ping log in txt file

  3. How to save live ping in .txt file.
    just like log file

    1. Kindly Look Step 8 and Step 9. I updated it.

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