Intro - Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a collection of software that makes your computer run. You can use Fedora in addition to, or instead of, other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows™ or Mac OS X™. The Fedora operating system is completely free of cost for you to enjoy and share.

1.  Click on New Virtual Machine
                                                                                    (click image for large view)

2.  Click on Next

3. Click on browser for selecting your ISO file. Other options are also present here like if you have DVD of Fedora then you can choose installer disc. So do as per your choice. According to me I have chosen ISO so I will select my ISO file then I have to click on open then click on next.

4. Select your OS (linux) and Version ( Fedora) then click on Next.

5. If you want to change your installation destination then you can change it by clicking on browser. Here I am leaving it default. You can also change your Virtual Machine name. Then click on next

6. Here you can resize your installation hard disk as per your need. Then click on next

7.  Better don’t do anything If you are not a advance user just leave it default and click on finish

8. Your system will be restart. Don’t do anything just wait for next screen.

9. Click on Live System user

10. If you want to use Fedora live then select Try Fedora or If you want to install it on your hard disk then select Install to hard drive

11. Select your language and click on continue.

12. Here you can do many things but only change your Date & Time according to your Time Zone by clicking on ‘Date & Time’ then this most important part is make a installation partition for your fedora so just click on Installation destination and follow next image.

13. Select Your partition and click on Done If you got any error do same again 

14. click on begin installation

15. Your installation has started now time wait till finish point.

16. Now time to set root password just click on Root Password and follow next image.

17. Write your root password and confirm your password by writing it again. Then click on done

18. click on Finish Configuration

19. Click on Quit

20. Click on Your username Then Power off.

21. Click on Restart button for restarting your system.

22. When you Enter your OS first. You need to create a user just follow then image

23. Click on Forward

24. Fill up your details  then click on Forward

25. Click on Finish

26. Click on your Username

27. Enter your username’s password and click on sing in

28. Done J
(click image for large view)

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