How to Activate 3G on All Indian Telecom Network Like Airtel , Aircel , Vodafone , Reliance , Idea , BSNL and Tata Docomo . 3G gives experience of high speed internet. You can transfer and receive data more fast and easily.

Activate 3G on Airtel 

There are two way to activate 3G on Airtel either you Call the number 12134 or Send a message 3G to 121 Airtel 3G Will be Activated on your Mobile Phone with Zero Rental Plan.

Activate 3G on Aircel

You need to write a Message START 3G and Send it to 121. Setting will be delivered on your mobile phone for Aircel 3G. Save the settings and start browsing the Aircel 3G.

Activate 3G on Vodafone

Write message ACT 3G and Send it to 111 For PostPaid users

Write message  ACT 3G and Send it  to 144 For Prepaid users

Activate 3G on BSNL

To Activate BSNL 3G Write Message your Mobile Phone Company Name and model number of your mobile and send to the number 58355.

Activate 3G on Idea

It is easy to start 3G Service in Idea Mobile Phone , Write message ACT 3G and Send it to 12345 .

Activate 3G on Reliance

To activate 3G in Reliance Write message START 3G and Send it to  53733

Activate 3G on Tata Docomo 

To Activate TATA Docomo 3G Write message 3Glife and send it to 53333 .

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