Intro – In this tutorial I will tell how can you  find your file or tool path. I will not make it more complicated so I will just show you some useful and easy commands which will help you in your linux work.
1.  FIND - Finds one or more files assuming that you know their approximate filenames.
    Syntax – find / -name ‘file name’
    Ex – find / -name mrquiety.txt
In the above example the system would search for any file named mrquiety.txt on the root and all subdirectories from the root.

2. locate - List files in databases that match a pattern
    Syntax – locate ‘name’
    EX – locate dnsenum
In the above example the system would locate dnsenum on the local machine.

3. whereis - Locate a binary, source, and manual page files for a command.
     Syntax – whereis ‘name’
      Ex – whereis dnsenum
Locate the directories for where Perl is stored

4. which - Locate a command.
     Syntax – which ‘filename’
     Ex – which perl
Would locate the executable location of the Perl command.

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